Where to Sell Products Online for Free?  

Apart from the option of having using an online store builder to create online store exclusively for yourself, there are certain places which let you have a store of your own where you can go ahead selling products online.

While a lot of websites such as Shopify and Etsy charge you money for setting up online stores on their platforms, there are a few websites where you can go about selling products online for free. Paying a monthly payment to websites might not be a good idea especially in the start when your business online itself is not making any money to begin with.

Here are some websites you can sell products online with and pay no fee whatsoever!

  1. Freewebstore

Freewebstore gives you the option of setting up your business online. You can list products, descriptions, add pictures and even name your own store. The services offered are much like the services offered by any other website where you can create online store for your business online. While the services on Freewebstore are free, you can choose the premium option which gives you access to more features. Nonetheless, even if you opt for the free, basic package, you will be able to access the necessary features and can start earning money in no time.

  1. Soldigo

You can easily use Soldigo and create a store for your business online. The website lets you use its online store builder to make your own online store for selling products online. The website gives you the option of adding a Soldigo store widget to your already existing blog so that people can directly go to the store and purchase products if they wish to.

  1. Shopify

I know what you are thinking; Shopify is not free! However, you can have a two week long free trial on Shopify to test it out. Create online store on Shopify for two weeks and see if your business does well on the website. If it does, you can purchase the package which suits your needs best. But trying the free trial is a good idea to see if the shoe fits and whether Shopify might be the place for you.

Setting up a business online can be a scary process so it is a smart idea to start small and see if maybe you are successful before you move on to a bigger venture.