How to Build Business Online by Selling Products in 2017

How to Build Business Online by Selling Products in 2017

Did you know you can start business online without having an actual storage or physical location? Welcome to 2017 when internet technology is making online sales possible in so many ways – you only need a creative mind and analytic tools to make things possible.

Alright, let’s not hype anything. This is not as new as it sounds – but it gets so simplified as years go by and it’s possible to build a business online while you sleep, and have a laptop in possession.

There are so many online store builders that you can get an online shop up and running within 10 minutes and in few simple steps – and then dedicate yourself to few hours of marketing and advertising per day.

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What are the options?

The first thing that is jumping in your head is owning a storage where you can keep the physical products, but hold your horses – you no longer need to have that obligation in order to create a working system.

There are pre-made solutions that take care of your online store transactions, including systems that communicate with the manufacturer or wholesaler – and yes, shipping and distribution as well.


Here are the techniques I talk about.


This is one of the simplest and ‘painless’ ways to sell products online in order to do online business without inventory and storage. Once you set up and integrate the supplier with your online store, all you need to do is focus on converting visitors in buyers.

The orders they confirm are automatically delivered to the supplier among shipping and contact information. The supplier has a minimum price requested, while you sell their product for a higher price and take the differential profit.

The only downside of dropshipping is the customer satisfaction management as you have no control over the delivery and quality – yet your brand is the one they see when they get the product.

Sell Products That You Have in Storage

This is the old style of earning trough online sales. You buy products from the supplier and manage the inventory, and shipping as well. It’s more complicated than dropshipping – but the profits are higher as well.

Sell Products You Produce

Are you able to design and manufacture products on your own? Perfect. Setting an online shop will skyrocket your profits as the internet market is endless and you can earn high profits. However, you’ll either need to take full control of the production, management, distribution and marketing processes or employ a team of specialists to take care of things for you.

Sell Products By Affiliation

Affiliate is a marketing method. This way is similar to dropshipping, yet you don’t have any control of the online shop and processes. However, you can earn low percentage of the sales – and in return you need to bring traffic to the supplier online store.

Now that you know the most profitable ways to sell products online – what seems most compelling to you? What you’d like to try first? Let us know in the comment section below.